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Suspected Ulcer and TTC

Hi ladies

For many months i have had problems with severe heartburn. Sometimes it makes me sick.

Also I have problems swallowing mouthfuls as well as it sometimes feels like ive swallowed a huge stone and it gets wedged in my oesphagus.

Last nite I was in so much pain it felt like someone had tied a belt under my boobs and squeezed, no matter where I laid it hurt, either side or on my back I couldnt sleep.

Well I went to the docs sometime ago and he gave me Maylox and Gaviscon which helped but only covered up (iykwim)

So went back today and he suspects I have an ulcer, now im not gonna say that I have but it would explain the pain etc.

He has give me omeprazole which is an inhibitor which will stop my stomach producing acid, I also believe this is given to women who have hyperemisis.

Just wondered if anyone had any experience of this drug. I have had 5 miscarriages in 2 years and dont want to ruin any further chance if this is not recommended etc.

Doc said it was safe but you know what docs are like !

Thanks for reading. H xxxx

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