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PFFFFT Migrains!

I've always suffered with them since i was a kid but it wasnt til i had Oliver they came back with a vengence with other horrid symptoms. Aswel as the migrain itself, i was having tingling pain down my face, pins and needles inside my mouth and one arm. I feel dizzy, vision is blurred and i see black spots.Then i am violently sick, cannot eat or drink and worst of all i cannot name simple objects and struggle to link semtences together. Sometimes i even pass out. It usually only lasts 2days then i'm fine. But 10days ago it happened and i've never fully recoverd. I still keep feeling faint and seeing spots and my head still hurts abit. I ended up being sent to hoapital for tests on monday, i was there all day. I had my heart looked at via echocardiogram and i had a murmur although they say its nothing to worry about and not linked. Then i had an MRI scan of my brain yesterday and that was normal, so i'm being referred to a neurologist and have been given some oestrogen pills cus they think its related to my periods cus before i come on, my oestrogen levels drop dramatically and cus my bodys been used to having such high levels during my pregnancy it cant cope with it! Nice. Doc says its v severe and v rare that people get the symptoms i have. Bloody great ey! I really hope these pills work..i'm also told i cant use contraception other than condoms cus will make it worse Its awful. Anyone else get them this bad? How do u cope? Ewans had to take time off work to care for Oliver. x

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Only just come across this but i had really bad mirgaines before i had Ewan but after i had him they have chilled a bit, I can;t go on oral contraception as that is what triggers them off. I get blind spots and numbness, if i get a bad one i fee 'fussy' for the next few days.

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