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Love Bunny
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30 Day Detox Journal *begun*

Hi guys

Since giving birth I've been feeling pretty rubbishy healthwise and after talking to my doctor and hebalist we have agreed that I can go on a butt kicking detox I didn't want to be taking endless medication, pain relief and antibiotics so I'm going to use this experience to max out my body's immune system and energise myself! I've not been healing brilliantly and I decided its time to give my body a flush and for it to have chance to heal to its full potential without wasting energy on the relentless stress of digestion.

I did a few fasts (NOT WATER BEFORE I GET SHOT DOWN), cleanses and a 30 dayer a year or so ago and felt brilliant for it! But obviously due to being pregnant had to stop so I've not had a good clear out for nearly a year!

My plan is to start toxin busting on Febuary 15th and end on March the 17th I would start sooner but I need to replace all my herbs and suppliments as now they are all out of date and some I need to import from abroad! In the meantime though this will also give me the next 2 weeks to prepare my body for the fast and detox And of course stock up on plenty more fresh fruit and veggies

Tonight is the last naughty supper! Think I'll have a pizza!

This weeks preperation I will focus on cutting out high sugar and caffine foods and liquids as my body needs to realise it can get better energy from food! Luckaly for me thats just means ditching the cheeky can of Coke a week

We decided on juice fasting as my detox of choice as its quite mild but deffinatly powerful (if you can handle it!), fun to do and tasty! I'll also be talking a list of suppliaments to maximise the effect of the fast and upping my water intake to 1 gallon a day (gradually over the next 2 weeks obviously!). This can be drank alone or used to dilute the juice I make

The detox supplements I will be taking daily:

Cayenne Drops
A-Z Vitamin
Chai Spice Herbal Tea
Colon Cleanse - If you're thinking of trying, this ones a belter!
Herbal Laxative

As for what I'll be consuming liquid wise, as far as fruit and veg - ANYTHING GOES! I can drink as much as I like to satisfy THE JUICER IS MY OYSTER!

I will update my recipies and feelings daily Week 1 of breaking in should be a fun read! So stay tuned

A bit of self positivity is all I need

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good luck hun!

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Love Bunny
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Thanks chick its gonna be tough but it needs to be done

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it will be in the beginning but not later!

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Love Bunny
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12 days to go!

Feeling good and positive about the detox !

Managed 2 liters of water so far, I thought I'd be out of my depth expexting to drink 4 a day, but its really not as much as you'd think!

Ordered all my suppliments so they should all be here within a week

Other than that not much to update !


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Good luck! This is something I would love to try, cant wait for more updates!

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Mum (Mom)
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this is so interesting! good luck! keep us updated :]

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Old Feb 4th, 2010, 12:04 PM   8
Love Bunny
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11 Days to go

I might have got Matt in on the detox He's a MAJOR caffine addict though so I dunno how he'll do Will be uber cool having someone to do it with though

Managed 3 liters today so far ! Its seriously not as bad as I thought! Body's deffinatly still getting used to the extra fluid intake though - i'm pissing like a racehorse

Homemade beanburgers tonight !

Stay healthy guys! Positive vibes! x

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just making this shows up in my subscribed
good luck

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Good luck! Sending tons of positive vibes to you... and to Matt - I gotta kick the caffeine habit as well.

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