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Painful Period

Before I had Hannah I always had really light periods that lasted no more than 3 days and never caused me any pain or discomfort.

Anyway.... now they are a nightmare and getting worse and I'm not sure whether to go to docs or not - don't know if its normal.

They are so heavy its almost like the bleeding after I had Hannah - its literally running out of me (sorry TMI)
I get through a pad about every hour at least, and the stomach cramps are soooo bad. I feel sick and dizzy. The pain and sickness only lasts a day or so but my periods now last at least 7 days and come at least every 3 weeks.

Any advice? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Mum (Mom)
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Are you on the pill?

I used to have horrendous periods really heavy and really painful cramps etc, i went to my docs who put me on the pill, and its great, i have a really light period for about 3 days a month and thats it . The pill i'm on is Cilest.

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I have always had a really heavy period with horrible cramping (so bad I almost went to the hospital a few times). Now that I have had Ava I've had 2 periods and it seems they got worse each time. I just started yesterday and I am bleeding so bad that when I go to the bathroom is dribbles out of me into the toilet (TMI) and I am soaking through a super tampon every 45 minutes sometimes in a shorter amount of time.

My cramps have also doubled if not tripled. My arms, legs, back, abdomen, EVERYTHING aches and it is sooo horrible especially with a 3 month old to take care of.

Hopefully it's normal. I talked to my gyno when I hit my first period and it was bad and he said it was normal but now I'm not too sure.