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shockers getting healthy journal x

Ok ive been putting this off for absoloutly ages, i almost tried a few weeks ago and then didnt But im actually ridiculous i need to diet now!! So im starting in the morning, sweetie swap sweets are allowed but only in moderation! and no other treats, the sweeties once a month is plenty lol! and at the rate ive eaten the ones that came this morning i think its for the best that its only once a month I'll have to weigh myself on the wii fit aswell because we dont have scales anymore grrr so heres the plan starting tomorrow-

*no cigarettes, cold turkey with the nicorette inhaler
*absoloutly no binging
*slimfast shakes for breakfast
*weight watchers meal for dinner or other low cal substitute
*nights out down to one a week

Thats enough goals, they'll be hard enough! im gonna be like an angry bear woo haha well if i tackle those succesfully then who knows i may take the ultimate plunge.....and give up diet coke.If anyones reading this they may think im joking but ive quit smoking before, however after multiple attempts at quiting diet coke i have yet to succeed!! Its actually harder for some reason Ok im gonna stop rambling now, im full of chocolate and i feel reeeeeally sick!

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Good luck hun!!!

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