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Stretch Marks...What did you use?!

Ever since having LO i have had really bad stretch marks!...i used bio oil for a while but lost hope as i couldnt see any difference...however i have now lost weight and the stretch marks are even worse! looks like iv got a wrinkly tummy!! What did you use? What would you recommend? xx

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Love Bunny
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Aloe vera gel first thing in the morning, bio oil at least 3 times a day then last thing before bed mix a few drops of teatree essential oil and use it like you would bio oil ! works brilliantly for me my stretchies have reduced within weeks! x

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I didn't get bad stretch marks but I use pure coconut oil to moisturise my skin and mine have completely faded now.

Trick with coconut oil is to keep the skin well moisturised, so any sign that it's starting to dry out, apply a little more. And with spots/scars/wounds etc, the trick is to apply quite a bit of pressure whilst massaging it into the affected area

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