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what do i do?


I thik i'm in the right section, for the past few weeks I've had an achy back and legs only on a night, I was at the doctors last week and so I mentioned it ad was told i had sciatica and to take iburprofen and if it gets no better in two weeks to go back.

So yesterday I was out with the LO and lifted his car seat out of the car and as I did my back went off with a crack and since then my legs are completely aching, my hips are soo much so |I can hardly stand up. So my partner came in from work last night and suggested i go to out of hours but when i came to do this my back seemed to be ok, i could stand up etc and walk around, it still ached a little but nothing comapred to what it is now. Now this morning again i can hardly move, he's gone to work, I can can barely carry my LO i wouldn't dare put him on the floor. What do I do? I can't go to the doctors as I have no one to watch LO and I can;t carry him and I do have a car but I wouldn't risk driving as my feet keep going numb!!! Can i ring nhs direct or is that for only over night?! or do you think i'm going to have to wait until partner comes in?
I've taken iburprofen and paracetamol and had a bath....any suggestions xx

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