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I'm becoming lactose intolerant

Well I think I am... I always ate diary products without having any problems but now as soon as I eat some I get really bad cramps and gotta go to the toilet.

I really don't wanna have to say goodbye to all my favorite food. Any of you girls are? How do you manage to stay away from these things?

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Mum (Mom)
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Self control? Most of the time... I was lactose intolerant when I was a baby, and then had terrible shoulder pain when I started secondary school. It was only in my second to last year of school that I realised dairy products were causing me stomach discomfort and either d**rroeah or c**stipation (TMI sorry).. When I cut them out of my diet (as much as possible) my shoulder pain stopped. Confusing. Dr wasn't sure if there was a link, maybe possible calcium build up or something...

ANYWAY so I was told to cut dairy products out for a while, make sure they were definately the problem, then try and gradually reintroduce them into my diet as many people get over lactose intolerance.

It didn't work for me, but maybe you? I just treat myself once in a while, when I know I can just lounge about at home and occupy the bathroom area for a good amount of time! :P Yoghurt is meant to be less lactosey and you can get lactose free milk which contains a very small amount of lactose but tastes the same as normal milk... I miss ice-cream and getting milkshakes out. I have to ask for soya hot drinks at Costa and Starbucks too... It's okay though, some people get really sick, I'm pretty lucky in the fact it's just something I can choose to cope with if I really want something.

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Jess, there are pills you can take for that. I can't remember the names of any of them right now but I know they have them.

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I was for a bit, and I put it down to the birth control pill i was on. As soon as i started it, I could not eat dairy, I would throw it up every time. as soon as I came off that pill, it stopped. Very very odd.

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