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Boob Jobs & Baby Making

Here's a question for the forum:

Have any of you had a boob job (reduction or enhancement) prior to getting pregnant?

I want to know how boobs are affected when you get pregnant after having surgery beforehand. For example, if I had a breast reduction now and got pregnant in the future, would the surgery be ruined by my boobs growing again or would it be detrimental if I chose to breastfeed.

I guess most women would wait until they had had their family before surgery in an ideal world, but I would be very interested to know more about how it has affected people.

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I had an enlargement about 18 months before i fell pregnant ...

To be honest form what ive read on here about everyones boobies growing like mad, mine havent, ive only gone up one cup size, not sure if thats anything to do with it.

Although the only thing ive had to worry about is they way they were done and the position of the implants as in effecting my choice to breastfeed or not. Something ive been quite heavily researching.

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I had mine enlarged about 6 years ago. 4 years before i became pregnant! I wore a sports bra from the min i found out i was pregnant! they did grow quite a bit but the good support helped. I slept in it too. When i had jacob i knew i never wanted to breast feed so i kept my sports bra on for another 2 weeks. Only taking it off to shower! I never touched my chest either when jacob was born for about 2 weeks (not even to rub cream on) I also never let the shower run onto my chest as the trickling and tapping of the water can make your milk come throu, which was something i didn't want to happen. Whilst pregnant i did rub cream in twice a day thou... about 2 weeks after jacob was born i went back to my boned bra's (heaven!) my boobs are so much more natural looking and feeling since having jacob. They where quite natyral looking anyway as i'd had them 4 yrs when i became pregnant! but now you would never tell they where false. i've got no stretch marks at all.

H x

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Ive had an enlargement (3 years ago) and so far i have had no problems....though my milk hasnt come in yet....

My friend had a reduction and since the reduction has had two children and she was albe to breastfeed fine and still does breastfeed her 7 month old!

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I've been considering a reduction for years now. My PCT doesn't offer it and I haven't been able to afford to go private for it.
My GP advised me that they are reluctant to do if you are about to start a family because the hormones released during pregnancy can almost undo the reduction and you will end up needing to do it again. However having spoken to some people on here I'm now not sure how true that is.

I also put it off because I knew that I wanted to breastfeed and there is only about a 50% chance that you will be able to breastfeed after a reduction

Now that I am pregnant I can honestly say though it is horrendous and I wish I'd had the surgery. It was bad enough before trying to find clothes that fit, but now I cannot find anything and don't even want to go shopping because I just end up coming home in tears. I regularly have to lie down because they are so painful, the back ache that sets in by lunchtime is just doing my head in and this is before I have a proper bump to contend with!

Since coming off the pill (I managed to find one that kept them a manageable size) I went up 4 cup sizes, since falling pregnant I'm up another 2. From what i read they get bigger when breastfeeding, a thought I try not to think of!

Personally I will be doing whatever I can to have the surgery after this pregnancy, even though I want to have more children.

If the size of your breasts is really bothering you now, small or big, then do what you feel appropriate to fix it.

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