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Old Aug 27th, 2011, 05:17 AM   1
Mum (Mom)
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coughing up blood

im 13 weeks pregnant and been coughing up blood and brown mucas for 5 weeks, ive had blood test (d-dimer) to test for blood clot on lung, came back negative, an ecg showed i had a fibre block in my heart but nothing much to worry about, i have taken 3 loads of anti-biotics, none of which have worked, doc could hear a crackle on lungs but now they are clear, yesterday i had a camera down my nose into my throat, doctor couldnt find nothin and said its more likley coming from my lungs, so has referred me urgently to see a lung specialist who will put a camera into my lungs, but this morning has coughed up even more bright red fresh blood about the size of my palm, has any1 else had this and if so what was worried!! i was a smoker, quit when i became pregnant, smoked for about 6 years. im only 20

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Old Sep 2nd, 2011, 18:57 PM   2
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I believe that it is possible (though probably rare) to present with a normal d-dimer and still have a PE. Keep pushing your doctors for help, go to A&E etc. until you see that specialist!
Hopefully it is just something benign like an irritation or something

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Old Sep 14th, 2011, 06:23 AM   3
Mum (Mom)
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Hi didnt want to read and run, but I had this when I was 17 weeks pregnant continued until he was born and even after, I had severel visits to the docs from 17 weeks to 36 weeks none of them did anything I was only coughing up a very tiny amount of blood but was still very concerned and puzzled as to what was going on. When I say tiny it was a small blob of bright red fresh blood and it would come up with brownish mucus sorry if tmi. It normally happened most mornings first thing and along with that I had an upper sore back between shoulder blades right where your lungs are. Anyway I went to the doctors again the day before I gave birth and he sent me straight to hospital to get test I had a blood test as they thought I had PE blood clot in the lung basicallywhichi was told is common in pregnant woman, anyway came back negetive so the left it there checkd babysent nme home only for me to end up back there the next day in labour. After I had my son I still had upper sore back problems and was still coughing up tiny speck of blood in the morning, I didnt get it solved though which im pissed off about if you find out what it is let me know it still bugs me to this day. I too was and is a smoker, 22 and trying to stop. Hope your ok? Xx

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