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Your Favourite Aerobics DVD?

(If you have one)

I do enjoy DVD's by Kelly Coffey-Meyer, but I have to admit, it's bloody hard work!! And i'm completely exhausted about mid way through lol. Which tends to have me only doing it about twice a week...

What are some of your fav's.
Has anyone tried the Carmen Electra Striptease DVDs? I've been tempted but I think I'll just fall over laughing at myself!
I love the Lesley Sansone Walk Aerobics, but the womans voice drives me nuts lol.

What are some of your suggestions?

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I really like the "Walk Away The Pounds" videos. They are a good work out and the people in the video are totally normal looking. All shapes and sizes! Very motivational!

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I like turbo Jam... it's a whole body workout, but also really targets the abs, without ever having to get on the floor. I can always feel it the next day, which is how I know I got a good workout... all while dancing around like a silly bum in my living room. My 4 year old gets a kick outta me when I do it and he even tries to join in, lol.

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I honestly love Richard Simmons.. you work up a sweat and he's so entertaining..

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