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Discussion in 'Gender Disappointment' started by Tess08, Apr 12, 2017.

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    Yeah I realized that AFTER I posted. Lol. My 7 year old used to race to Kindergarten every morning and put on his 'pretty princess dress'. We often found him still in it when it was time to go refusing to take it off. People are so scared that their kids will end up 'gay' that they don't stop and think about the innocence of childhood. Regardless of what they wear or what they play with, if they are attracted to the same sex later in life, then that's their preference. It's got nothing to do with how they grew up. :) Hell, I couldn't care less if my son's grow up to be gay (as long as they have given me Grandkids first lol). I just want them to be happy and comfortable in who they are. That's all any parent should want.
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    Big hugs. There is every chance they could still be best friends and have a lovely close bond growing up that will last throughout adulthood too. Similarly, if you'd had another daughter there would be every chance that the lovely, sisterly bond you'd envisioned wouldn't have happened. I know lots of sets of sisters who are close, but also many sisters who are not at all, and who either didn't really get on with each-other growing up or just didn't have a lot in common and never really had a strong bond, and aren't that involved with each-other in adulthood. Having same-sex siblings really doesn't guarantee they will be friends or have a special bond. It's worth baring this in mind because sometimes you can focus too much on all the positive things you think you are missing out on and it can make the disappointment worse.
    I admit I like dressing my two boys in matching outfits but I think you can definitely match and coordinate a boy and a girl! Plus you have free reign over both boy and girl sections of the shops and don't miss out on anything in that respect :)

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