101 Goals in a 1001 Days

Discussion in 'Waiting To Try' started by Peach, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. Peach

    Peach Engaged & TTC Our 1st

    May 27, 2009
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    I have made a list of 101 Goals to do in 1001 Days to help me keep busy whilst WTT! Here are mine, Do you have any goals?:thumbup:

    1 Think of 101 goals :thumbup:
    2 Complete all 101 goals
    3 Give up Smoking
    4 Go fishing in France with Dan
    5 Take my vitamins everyday:thumbup:
    6 Read 10 books
    7 Walk 5 miles
    8 Save a pound everyday
    9 Wake up 30 minutes earlier on work mornings:thumbup:
    10 See the Dixie Chicks with my Mum
    11 Rent my own House (move out the inlaws even though I love them lots):thumbup:
    12 Get a new Job
    13 Visit Ireland
    14 Spend at least one night a week pampering myself:thumbup:
    15 Walk the dog every day
    16 Get to my ideal weight/size
    17 To get an early night at least one a week:thumbup:
    18 Don't let silly little knob heads get to me:thumbup:
    19 Start Yoga again
    20 Plant a tree
    21 Play the lotto every week:thumbup:
    22 Give blood
    23 Go horse riding
    24 Invent something
    25 Buy a matching handbag and purse set
    26 Write a poem
    27 Buy myself a faster laptop so I can edit photos
    28 Start a family
    29 Send a message in a bottle
    30 Make a Time capsule for a 50 yr old me
    31 Start doing proper photo albums
    32 Push myself to the limits
    33 Overcome my fear of Spiders
    34 Learn how to swim
    35 Look after my Feet:thumbup:
    36 Visit the Dentist
    37 Learn French
    38 Make my lunch the night before work:thumbup:
    39 Sleep:thumbup:
    40 Fix the arel on my car (I got a New car):thumbup:
    41 get a qualification
    42 Learn the off side rule
    43 keep my desk at work tidy:thumbup:
    44 Eat my 5 a day
    45 Make Lisa a hand made Card.:thumbup:
    46 Go Quad biking
    47 Remember to defrag my computer weekly:thumbup:
    48 Have a full body massage
    49 Sort out my file with all my paperwork in:thumbup:
    50 Have a nice garden:thumbup:
    51 Get my hair cut every 6 weeks:thumbup:
    52 Sell something on eBay
    53 Beat Dans PB!
    54 Change someone's life
    55 watch the sun set and rise
    56 have a snow ball fight (of course this depends on the weather):thumbup:
    57 Learn to say the alphabet backwards without thinking
    58 Raise money for charity
    59 Watch the news at least once a week:thumbup:
    60 sing in a karaoke (once mind you)
    61 Laugh till I cry:thumbup:
    62 Grow my own veg
    63 Phone friends and family more:thumbup:
    64 Stick to my goals
    65 get engaged:thumbup:
    66 Never use my overdraft
    67 laugh every day:thumbup:
    68 Don't argue with the ones I love
    69 Do a track day
    70 Look after myself
    71 Wake up in the morning with a smile on my face:thumbup:
    72 Write more letters
    73 Fix my favourite pen
    74 Turn up for work 5 mins early:thumbup:
    75 Make a new friend:thumbup:
    76 Never complain I am tired.
    77 Tell My friends and family I love them more.:thumbup:
    78 Write a diary
    79 Learn something new every week
    80 Breath
    81 Learn to speak Lincoln
    82 Have more confidence In myself:thumbup:
    83 Stop worrying about money:thumbup:
    84 Visit the isle of Man
    85 Eat breakfast:thumbup:
    86 Drink more water:thumbup:
    87 Try New Foods:thumbup:
    88 Have a helicopter ride
    89 Go to emirates to see Arsenal with Dan
    90 Get all my friends and family together and have a jolly good piss up
    91 Have a water fight
    92 Surprise Dan for Valentines day
    93 Buy Myself something nice every Friday
    94 Go white water rafting
    95 Do 30 of exercise in the morning every morning
    96 Wash and Hoover my car once a month:thumbup:
    97 Live my life for me not other peoples:thumbup:
    98 Have one Day/Night that Dan and I go out a month.
    99 Get Married
    100 Go to Cadwell Park and watch a race
    101 Keep Dancing:thumbup:

    All the ones with mr:thumbup: are compleated:thumbup: Think I am doing well
  2. bunnyg82

    bunnyg82 Mum to 2 gorgeous boys

    Mar 14, 2009
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    Hey hun, that's a great list and a great idea. I will have a think and add a list of my own tomorrow :) x
  3. Wow...thats a pretty big list to occupy yourself until you start TTC..ill give mine a little thought and add tomorrow i think lol :D
  4. fairygirl

    fairygirl Pregnant, 1 Angel, 2 Rainbows

    Aug 19, 2009
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    Wow! I admire you ladies. No way I could think of 101 things!
  5. tasha41

    tasha41 Mum & Dad + 1

    Jul 29, 2008
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    Wow!! I should do this too.. just so I do something everyday! Great idea!
  6. Pyrrhic

    Pyrrhic Well-Known Member

    Mar 27, 2008
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    I wouldn't remember to do all the daily ones everyday :rofl:
  7. Pinkgirl

    Pinkgirl Well-Known Member

    Oct 28, 2008
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    wow I LOVE IT!
    What a fantastic idea x
  8. Kess

    Kess Well-Known Member

    May 20, 2009
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    I have a little list OH and I came up with to tide me over until we TTC (probably next year now!) and make me feel like I'm making progress towards it:

    Come off my anti-panic-attack medication (I'm now down from 20mg to 12mg).
    Train the dogs better so they shut up when told to (to not wake baby) and walk without pulling.
    Save money for independent midwife and other costs.
    Learn to drive (I'm doing an intensive course soon, after I've passed my theory).
    Try to integrate a little better into the local community.
  9. Peach

    Peach Engaged & TTC Our 1st

    May 27, 2009
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    OMG :wave: hi Girls,

    Sorry I thought nobody had replied to this.

    I ahve started doing someof these and it does help and I am giving up somking next week (tuesday)

    It would be great to ee your lists too.

    Well done kess on your medication and good luck with the driving
  10. Kacie

    Kacie I have a little girl! xx

    Jan 21, 2009
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    Ok, I have just figured out that I'll be just turning 28 in 1001 days and then I started thinking about the list and can't think of any at the moment apart from have a baby in my arms... or two....

    I'l keep thinking and post it later :)

  11. fuffyburra

    fuffyburra Hattie Flower's mummy :)

    Aug 24, 2009
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    What a fabulous idea!! So far, mine is:
    start college,
    surprise OH for his birthday,
    have a wonderful Christmas,
    start researching in to starting my own little business,
    hopefully start said little business!
    OH finish apprenticeship,
    surprise OH for ANOTHER birthday!
    have ANOTHER wonderful Christmas,
    start looking for a flat/house,
    keep on top of business finances so I don't end up getting bogged down lol,
    move out in the new year,
    finish college.

    Then somewhere in there get engaged hopefully :p OH says he knows when he's gonna do it, but obviously I can't know lol. Then get married, have lots and lots of babies! Heck, one baby would do me! lol.

    There it is so far :)
  12. Peach

    Peach Engaged & TTC Our 1st

    May 27, 2009
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    Two crossed off the list got engaged and have my house move in in two weeks wooop
  13. goddess25

    goddess25 Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2008
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    This is a good idea I should make a list too of things to do so I can try to get out the house every day.
  14. Peach

    Peach Engaged & TTC Our 1st

    May 27, 2009
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    Thank you! It does help with the hole wtt thing for me and it also reminds me why I am waiting!
  15. thompsonic

    thompsonic Guest

    Ooh great list :)

    Learn to speak Lincoln amused me, I wasn't aware we speak any different to anyone else...
  16. fuffyburra

    fuffyburra Hattie Flower's mummy :)

    Aug 24, 2009
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    God my list has changed SO much since then!! Now it's:

    Have a wonderful Christmas
    Start our business in the new year
    Enjoy our 2nd anniversary
    Move out hopefully between March and September, depending how the business goes
    Get engaged
    Have another wonderful Christmas!
    Get married
    TTC babyyyyyyyy yeah!! :D
  17. amylk87

    amylk87 WTT for No.1

    May 27, 2009
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    Heres mine...

    1. Graduate with a 2:1
    2. Get married
    3. Visit a country outside Europe
    4. Get a job I really want
    5. See my family and friends more often
    6. Keep my house clean and tidy
    7. Eat healthier
    8. Start jogging
    9. Support Dec to quit smoking
    10. Cut down on chocolate
    11. Sort my wardrobe out
    12. Get more sleep
    13. Have a ‘date night’ with Dec once a month
    14. Offer to babysit for friends and family more often
    15. Host a family party
    16. Get the rest of the house finished
    17. Pass my driving test
    18. Be happy with my body
    19. Relax every Sunday
    20. Watch It’s a Wonderful Life
    21. Read 15 books
    22. Start a family
    23. Cook a curry from scratch
    24. Go to London
    25. Be more spontaneous
    26. Look after the garden
    27. Have a good routine
    28. Eat breakfast every morning
    29. Be more organised
    30. Grow my own herbs
    31. Go to a book signing
    32. Pay off my credit cards and catalogues
    33. Recycle everything that can be recycled
    34. Volunteer
    35. Grow some vegetables
    36. Learn to play an instrument
    37. Win a competition
    38. Complete a crossword without cheating
    39. Make a new friend
    40. Budget my money better
    41. Try a dish I have never tried before
    42. Watch Casablanca
    43. Visit new places in the UK
    44. Go to Wimbledon (for the tennis)
    45. Bake a carrot cake
    46. Learn to sew
    47. Go to Scotland
    48. Go to Ireland
    49. Make a snowman (again)
    50. Go scuba diving
    51. Learn something new every week
    52. Get over my fear of wasps
    53. Build a sandcastle (again)
    54. Write a book
    55. Buy a designer handbag
    56. Go to see a play/musical
    57. Look up words I don’t understand in the dictionary
    58. Improve my posture
    59. Throw out things I no longer use/need
    60. Don’t take my life for granted
    61. Tell Dec I love him more than I already do
    62. Walk more
    63. Laugh everyday
    64. Look for the good in people
    65. Stop wasting food
    66. Keep a journal/diary
    67. Go ice skating
    68. Always try my best at everything I do
    69. Keep cooking new things every month
    70. Vote in an election
    71. Go to New York City
    72. Pamper myself more often
    73. Take more photographs
    74. Attend a class
    75. Drink more water
    76. Become more confident in the things I do
    77. Take more interest in the things Dec likes
    78. Invite my mum and dad round more often
    79. Take my own lunch to Uni/work
    80. Learn to be more patient
    81. Have a nice relaxing bath once a month
    82. When I feel down, remind myself of all the good things in my life
    83. Don’t worry about the silly little things
    84. Exfoliate and moisturise my skin everyday
    85. Stay out of my overdraft
    86. Keep track of what’s going on in the world
    87. Have my ‘Amy’ bracelet fixed
    88. Stop caring about what people think
    89. Instead of complaining, do something about it
    90. When I start something, finish it
    91. When its really cold outside, snuggle up on the couch with a hot chocolate
    92. Be prepared for motherhood
    93. Admit that I’m wrong sometimes
    94. Avoid arguments with Dec
    95. Finish making the wedding invitations
    96. Be completely selfish on my birthday
    97. Cut down on sugar
    98. Visit the hairdresser regularly
    99. Make a soup from scratch
    100. Appreciate the little things in life
    101. Stick to these goals!

  18. KA92

    KA92 Guest

    lol i like it keeops us all amused...ill just add to my list when i think of them but guess i have some atm
    1. Fix my relationship with Mike
    2. Sort out my degree (whether im changing it or nto)
    3. Complete my choosen degree (grrr agees)
    4. Move out of parents house
    5. Pass my driving test
    6. After passing test have a car i can drive
    7. Make more of an effort to see my friends
    8. Get my health back on track
    9. Go to France again ( i loved being able to communicate with them..im so sad)
    10. Get a new job (mine is tiering and long)
    11. Tell Mike evry day how much he means
    12. See The Twilight Saga: New Moon AGAIN
    13. Learn sign language
    14. Put on some weight (BMI is lowe than 18)
    15. Learn maths properly
    16. Recover from everything
    17. Get rid of ex OH ( who is constantly still around)
    18. Get contact lenses
    19. Dye my hair
    20. Cut my hair (hate hairdressers cut too much off)
    21. Celebrate New Year properly
    22. Turn 18 (thats inevitable!)
    23. Make up with old friends
    24. Be there when friends and family need me more
    25. Keep volunteering
    26. Cook for family and OH more
    27. Start horse riding again
    28. Write a book ( that'l never happen)
    29. Be nicer to people (im generally a bitch)
    30. Listen to OH and mum more

    Thats it atm lol
  19. princess_bump

    princess_bump Happy Wife & Mumma!

    Feb 27, 2008
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    what a good thread :thumbup: i only have a few atm! i'm going to keep thinking of this one!!

    1. Get married (10 months time :wohoo:)
    2. Sell and buy a bigger place
  20. princess_bump

    princess_bump Happy Wife & Mumma!

    Feb 27, 2008
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    what a good thread :thumbup: i only have a few atm! i'm going to keep thinking of this one!!

    1. Get married (10 months time :wohoo:)
    2. Sell and buy a bigger place

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