Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive #1' started by zuzu2222, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. zuzu2222

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    Sep 10, 2013
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    Hi ladies!

    Im 12dpo and need ur help! I started feeling tender bbs and mild cramping last night. I took a test 2 days ago and bfn...maybe it was too soon. Anyhoo...I'm scared to test again.

    Anyone get a bfp after testing negative on 10dpo? And, is it possible that the cramping i felt yesterday was implantation happening?

    THANK U!
  2. Pearly86

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    Aug 1, 2013
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    It amay be dear..just wait for few more days and test when ur due for ur periods..ull knw fr sure..it might be that 12 dpo is too early to test..so every person is differnt fr some +Ve comes on 10 dpo itslef for some it may take more time..so I would suggest jst wait fr sm more days..GL dear!x

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