13dpo... spotting?

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by winterbeauty, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Jun 6, 2013
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    I think I OV'd on 31st May (CD13) on an average 27day cycle.
    I Dtd on 30th on my wedding anniversary, and had cm/leaking for couple days after, unlike usually it goes within a day.

    2nd June I started getting sore chest, nausea and cramping, which has been more then less the same through out, so from 2dpo to 13dpo I have been cramping on n off, gassy, nausea, odd headaches, blue veins in chest, and achey chest, and legs.

    I cant remember any of this from first pregnancy as I didnt know I was pregnant until I was due for fertility surgery and tested down to ward rules, was surprised to say the least after 4yrs trying.

    Yesterday I noticed a little brown type blob but thought nothing of it, probably was imagining that, but today as im a CP checker, I noticed some snotty stringy type CM which was tinged pink/orangey.. VERRRYYY Light!

    Nothing since..

    Im 13DPO Due on tomorrow, so unsure

    Cramping and nausea came back earlier, still some cramping now too..
    1-2days ago I had severe cramping for a few seconds made me gasp, but nothing that severe since.

    any one have any ideas?

    Thanks Alot

    Sam x

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