18 month old biting

Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by angelmummy, Mar 31, 2011.

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    my 18 month old has again bitten another child at nursery for the 3rd time. i know how the parents of the child must feel as my older ds got bitten at nursery and i was very upset as he was on the receiving end. now i am sad to say its my youngest ds who is the biter!!

    i know it is a phase supposedly but not sure how i can stop it happening when it happens at nursery and i am not there. at home he occasionally tries to bite and we just say no firmly and move him away or put him on the floor if he is on our knee etc.

    any advice??? or sympathy from other biters???

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    Hiya, I do sympathise with you as I went through this with Charlie for a short while. All you can do is keep doing what your doing now, and tell him 'no, it hurts' and place him away from you for a minute or 2 and try and make sure nursery do the same!
    Turned out in Charlie's case he was imitating another child (as one worker let slip!) and that child has moved nursery and now it's all stopped but I was really down about it for a while. I would ask your LO's key worker if anything like this is happening, but if it's becoming quite regular, they should sit with you and you can make a plan of how to deal with it together and be consistent with it.
    It is just another phase (a tough one though :( ) and I think eventually all the saying 'no' and mini timeouts take effect! Good luck :flower:

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