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Discussion in 'Assisted Conception' started by ashleyalw, Jan 28, 2011.

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    So I went to my regular OB yesterday and was told that she has done all she can for me and referred me to a FS. Which really hurt to hear but am hoping he has an answer as to why I cant get pregnant and carry to full term. Anyway... I was wondering what I should expect at a 1st appt, any questions I should ask? My appt isnt until March 18 but would like as much feedback as possible. This is a scary time for me, no one wants to hear that they are infertile and I just want to be prepared when I go.
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    I understand why it's a bit scary, no one hopes to be seeing a FS to help conceive. I certainly wasn't. But, just know there is SO much that can be done to help. Sometimes we just need that extra "boost" to bring about what we want.

    Honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed during the appt. They will walk you through so much and throw lots of stats your way. Just know, they are only stats and may not specifically apply to your situation. I did feel very good after the appt though. Like, now I know what is going on and we can deal with this. Knowledge is power and all that!!!

    I really thought I'd have lots of questions- but 99% were answered just in the time she went over it all with us. There is only so much they will know till they run additional tests. So some of it will be a step by step explanation. The more you know, the more questions you'll have. But a good clinic will take the time to explain and answer ALL your questions thoroughly. Mine always has and I love everyone I've come in contact with.

    All will be good hun. They will probably ask you some questions about your cycle etc... but nothing you shouldn't know right off.

    Best of luck!!!!
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    hi hun.

    I totally understand what you are feeling. After a failed IUI and after 3 months of meds, my husband's sperm was still low and my OB referred us to an FS. I felt so sad because I didn't really want to accept that we are infertile. Prior to meeting the FS, I prepared myself to hear the worst -- that we are infertile and that ICSI is our only option. But fortunately, our FS was very nice. She explained to us our options for assisted conception without making us feel like we're abnormal. Though I did finally see the word "infertile" on our diagnosis, I've never felt more hopeful because now there's more certainty that we can still have children, even if with IVF/ICSI and it actually has a high rate of success.

    Anyhow, for your consultation with your FS, you'd be asked about how frequent you have intercourse, how long you've been trying, any history of miscarriage, etc. It would be good to bring your existing records / test results too. Then you'll be asked maybe to undergo some more tests.

    Goodluck :flower:

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