2 nd failed FET- need advice

Discussion in 'Assisted Conception' started by MWILL, Aug 13, 2019.

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    I have been reading through so many blogs/chat room and I am so confused and tired of crying. With both my FETs the lining was good (8.9 & 10mm) respectively the doctor was happy. we transferred 2 5d blastocysts. the first FET I started bleed 2 days post transfer (heavy), with the second we also transferred 2 5d Blasts and this time I started bleeding a week after ET, its now 10 days of average to heavy flow. my doctor cant explain it and he is the expert. With the IUI's I had no bleeding and did the TWW but with the IVF I don't seem to get past a week without bleeding. Is there something wrong on my inside that he cant figure or meds are wrong or I just need to start again with a new specialist? did any one else experience this??
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    oh wow - I hadn't gone through that but are you taking progesterone too for post transfer? Have you tried the Endometrial Receptivity Test yet, to make sure you are transferring on the right day? I went through that twice just to make sure we were scheduling the best possible time in which my lining would be most receptive to the embies. Just a couple of ideas for you. I'm so sorry you're going through this - so much prep only to have that happen a couple days later!
    To note - I successfully had twins from an FET of 2 BB embryos, so don't worry about either them being frozen or their grades. I didn't think they had a chance by their embryo snapshot picture but my boys are thriving, crazy 19 month olds now!
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    Sorry you haven't had success, I agree with Wish2b's question about progesterone after transfer. I was on progesterone suppositories as well as injections.

    If I recall if our 2nd fet had failed they were going to look at doing the receptivity test.

    I would definitely talk to your doctor about what they will do differently next time if you've got additional embryos to transfer.
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    Sorry to know your story. I agree with ladies, I would recommend discussing the issue with you doc. x

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