20 week scan at 17 weeks? Advice please....

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by Bella1185, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Hello! This might have been asked before, and if not it might be a dumb question....

    I have a 20 week scan scheduled for this Friday. The receptionist said its fine to be anywhere from 18-20 weeks for this scan, however I just checked my dates and realized I will only be about 17w2d by Friday. Although the little girl has been measuring about a week ahead - by the calendar dates I'm still just barely 17 weeks. I think the receptionist calculated the dates wrong when she scheduled me. I am moving this following Monday (out of state) so I know that my insurance will be a pain and it'll be a hot mess to find a doctor by 20 weeks in the new state, so I guess I'd like to still go to my appointment this Friday. Will that be a total waste? This is my 4th pregnancy but the only one that's made it this far --- so I'm paranoid and excited at the same time!

    What do they do at a 20 week scan? Will they be able to do the same tests and measurements they would - even though I'll only be a bit over 17 weeks?

    Sorry if this is confusing....just looking for some guidance :hugs:
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    I was under the impression it had to be between 18-20 weeks. As they do a detailed check of all the organs, so this the timeframe to be able to see everything clearly.
    If ur not paying for each scan perhapd go this week for some reassurance and if they cant get all the measurements then you can arrange another scan later on once you moved.

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