21 day progesterone test... is my doctor a bit of a thicko?

Discussion in 'Ovulation Tests' started by hannahbearx, Nov 17, 2011.

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    First time on here so we have been TTC for 13 months now, i have long cycles ranging from 32-42 days, so i went to docs for some blood tests all came back fine apart from low progesterone, i had the blood test on day 23 of my cycle and when i went in for my results she said "well the consultant assumed you were on day 8-9 of your ycle so you have to go in for another test "

    Arghhh anyway so now im thinking it probably doesnt matter what day i have this test cause im not the average "28" days.

    i think i ovulate on day 23... will i manage to conceive ovulating this late ?
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    People conceive all the time with longer than the average 28 day cycles - as long as your luteal phase (time after O) is around the 14 day mark then you should be fine. If its not then this is where people start to have problems - low progesterone can shorten your LP so your GP might be able to prescribe a cream that will increase your LP.

    I think for your progestrerone blood draw to work you would have to work out what your day 21 is... i.e. in a 28 day cycle day 21 should be 7 days after O so if you think you O on day 23 arrange the blood draw for CD30. I think that would make sense anyway :dohh:

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