2nd pregnancy... smaller belly?!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by kirsti201, Jan 26, 2011.

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    I guess im just kinda exhausted of hearing "omgsh ur still so small" "you dont even look prego at all" "you were so much bigger with ur first baby!"
    and its kinda getting to me!! making me nervous that this baby isnt growing correctly!
    I felt like i was getting bigger faster then with my first child then i kinda just stopped growing and have been the same for about a month (im 21 weeks now and just expected to "pop" by now) :nope:
    I posted an updated belly pic last night to my facebook and people kept telling me that i look so much smaller this time around.
    I think that I am smaller too looking back at pictures from my DS but since people are drowining me with those comments im just second guessing my self :cry:
    Maybe all you mommys opions will help out a little heres a pic of my belly now and my belly with my son both at 21 weeks.
    (now this time around im having a girl. so maybe she is just smaller then my son was at this point, he was a BIG baby and was 3 weeks early. im just paranoid because i thougbht u were suppose to be bigger with the second pregnancy then ur first. Granted i was about 20lbs lighter before i got pregnant this time then my pre pregnancy weight with my DS. but also at my ultrasound the found calcium in my daughter heart (which they dissmissed bc i was low risk for down syndrom) so im hoping thats not stunting her growth or anything) i just dont knwo wat to think anymore :sad2:
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    I'm definately smaller this time round. Had a boy first time as well, hoping to find out next week what I'll be having. I was huge when pregnant with my son, had a bump from 6weeks!

    I think I'm having a girl this time, so there could be something in the way you carry when having a girl or boy? I seem to have a bigger bum this time lol!

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