3 wheeler graco travel system - help

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by kmh2009, Apr 12, 2009.

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    me and OH have just been playing with our travel system and cannot figure out how to put a) the base into the car for the car seat. We bought it second hand and although i got shown at the time i dont remember. i cant find any instructions. b) how the seat clips into the pushchair. I can get it in but it appears to be balanced in and not very secure. any advice would be great :headspin:
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    hey, the base should go with the long extendable bit to the floor of the car (it extends to alter to your seat height)

    the seat clips in to pushchair facing you and if memory serves correct it fits in by clipping near the tray on the pushchair (the bit you can put babys food/toys on if it was sitting in pushchair), just wiggle it around a bit and all of a sudden it'll lock...does take a little practice

    perhaps you should google the model you have or look on mother care website and you'll be able to find pictures of how it looks when its clipped in to guide you...

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