3 year old is driving me crazy!

Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by Teri7489, May 20, 2019.

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    My sons behaviour is really starting to cause issues so much so we are questioning whether he has some sort of learning disability. He will be 4 in august and that month he will be starting nursery 3 full days a week, but I am dreading it. It may be normal behaviour for his age but since I haven't seen this with my dd im not sure..

    OCD with toys - has to have them lined up, especially cars. If anyone touches them he HAS to fix it. He also has to carry a toy in each hand wherever he goes (day trips, to the car, to bed and even at the dinner table) He is obsessed with two of his stuffed animals and has to have them in a set place for bedtime. Same with his blanket and other toys.

    Biting - he seems to have this need to bite things although thankfully not people. In particular its his two teddies as he likes the stitching. Same with a specific blanket. He tells me hes going to get blankie to bite and once hes has a good munch in it then he settles for a bit.

    Repetitiveness - almost every sentence is repeated 4/5/6 times whether he is answered or not. It is exhausting as he does it loudly and talks over everyone.

    Noise - he is unable to keep the volume when playing or talking. He shouts (which makes the above so much worse) and bangs, thumps and crashes things all day.

    Fidget - he absolutely cannot stay still. From the second he wakes up until bed (thankfully he sleeps from 7-7:30 every night) he moves constantly. He runs away from me when out in shops as cant bear to stand while I look at things and struggles to sit still even when watching tv.

    Destructive - he has quite literally ruined every room in the house. Be it with drawing on the walls, bedding, slamming doors shut and chipping the paint, pulled the canopy from the ceiling making a nice big hole, pouring juice/food over the carpets and sofa. He also puts things in places they shouldn't go - like toys out the windows, coins into hubbys xbox etc.

    Fussy - he wont eat most things and often pushes the plate away saying yucky. Picnic food is ok (apples, crackers, yogurt, etc) but cooked dinners are a no. He wont drink water or milk, only juice and simply wants small snacks all day.

    He can be a lovely little boy. He will ask you to sit down so he can cuddle and kiss you, likes to play with my hair and play silly games with his daddy and sister. Its just the rest of it is so hard to deal with. I hate taking him out the house as he doesn't listen (although the shouting has made me wonder if he simply needs his hearing tested)

    There are a million other things but those are the most difficult right now. Is it normal and hes simply an active noisy boy or should I take him to be checked?

    Apologies for it being so long!
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    Get him tested by his dr.
    Dd2 has some of that and she has autism. Ds has some and has adhd

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