32 week growth scan and midwife appointment :(

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by eeyore123, Jun 1, 2011.

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    Today i had my 32 weeks growth scan due to bleeding at start of pregnancy...... LO is just below average size BUT hasn't keep on the same growth line as at 28 weeks he was above average ......... so i'm now having to have scans fortnightly.
    While there they did routine checks ie B/P urine............ but my urine came back +++ glucose and ++ something else ( sorry cant read midwifes writing )
    So i've gotta go back on monday for the 2 hr blood test :(

    They are also concerned about pre-term labour as my DS was born at 36+4...... and i have lost pink tinted discharge in last 2 weeks ........... x

    I just feel this pregnancy is really beginning to take it out of me........ Never before with any of my other 4 have i spent so much time sat up the hospital...... I really wanna enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy as i dont plan on having any more but looks like my body and baby have different ideas to me x
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    Don't worry too much hunny! I as told at 30 weeks that I was going to have a small baby (4th percentile - he had dropped from the 25th) and I was put under consultant care, given storied injections to mature his lungs as they were convinced that he would have to be delivered early. I had to have twice a weeks CTG monitoring, weekly doppler scans and fortnightly growth scans. I was told that I would be having a May baby and I'm still here and his growth improved from the 4th percentile to the 30th!

    30-34 weeks is an odd time growth wise as some babies put on all their weight and therefore carry on along the 'normal' growth pattern whereas some babies (like mine and prob yours) are maturing their central nervous system and will gain the weight between 34-38 weeks. It will even out in the end.

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