33yrs old TTC child #1 for 9 months now - need buddies

Discussion in 'TTC Buddies' started by Amy333, Mar 11, 2019.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am feeling really down in the dumps today as I have just done a HPT and received another BFN on CD28 / 10DPO (I have long cycles 32-33 days). I have been TTC for 9 months and each month it is getting more heartbreaking and depressing - especially as I get older (my 33rd birthday was yesterday). Many of my friends have children in primary school and my best friend is due with her first in 2 weeks (we started TTC around the same time). All I have ever wanted to be is a mum - but it took me a long time to find someone to have a family with.

    I have tested positive on a pregnancy test once in the past about 12 months ago, but it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy and I got my period a few days late. With the chemical pregnancy - I tested positive on CD28, which is why I feel like there is no hope for this month.

    I'm feeling pretty alone on this journey as all my close friends have babies and children so I would love some TTC buddies to share my ups and downs, symptoms, HPT results etc.

    This month I was particularly hopeful as I started having sore breasts from ovulation (and still have sore boobs). Usually they start getting sore about a week before my period. But every month there is some slightly different symptom to make me believe I could be pregnant - which so far, has always resulted in multiple BFNs and AF :(

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    Hi Amy. I didn't want to read and dash - it sounds like you're most definitely feeling defeated. :hugs:Have you had a semen analysis test, or spoken to your doctor about this?

    My first son was a "splendid surprise" so there was no trying there :haha: I tried for a year to get pregnant with my second son, but it turned out I had PCOS (I had cycles about as long as you) and would require Clomid. First time I went on it, immediately was pregnant! The next time I went on Clomid, I conceived fraternal twin boys! With my daughter, I had to go on Clomid three times before I became pregnant. My husband had a vasectomy three days after she was born in November 2017, and only a year a bit later, he got a reversal in March 2019. We're now TTC too! But, we know that it's going to be harder this time round since sperm counts will be different, and whatnot.

    Also, I found out I was pregnant all over the place! I tested daily if I ever thought I might be pregnant, so these days are the actual earliest I could have found out.

    DS1 - 12 DPO
    DS2 - 7 DPO
    DS3 & DS4 - 13 DPO
    DD1 - 14 DPO

    Crossing my fingers that you get your BFP this month! Otherwise, I pray that you can get answers <3

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