36 weeks but i feel ready

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by princess-emma, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. princess-emma

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    Jun 21, 2010
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    hey girls,

    as the title says im 36 weeks so not quite there yet but i just feel ready to have my baby now... my first pregnancy was at 37 weeks and was footling breech so i never got the whole baby engaging feeling etc...

    but i have been cleaning, getting up the past week abotu 4 times for a wee in the night, really restless, headache , period pains, heads been engaged about a week just over, braxton hicks, and just eating sooooo much..lol

    do u think this is just normal pregnancy related things or could this be a sign its soon???
  2. Terangela

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    May 8, 2010
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    Sounds like my experience for the last 3 weeks. I am also 36 weeks. I feel ready too, but baby likely isn't just yet. I am hoping another week just so I am not considered preterm. Any time after that baby can come.

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