3D scan not gone to plan

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Angel21, Apr 5, 2009.

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    Hi ladies,

    We went for a 3D scan today, supposed to include 4 prints, and a 15 minute DVD.
    Last week I had pain in my ribs, so went to the doctor, who said it feels like babies head is digging into your ribs, so I thought he'd probably move by the scan....but no!
    The scan showed, baby lying there, breech, legs above his head, holding them there with his arms! :hissy: We couldn't see his face because of the cord, legs, arms, and everything else that could possibly be in the way! So we went for a walk, had some fizzy pop at the pub, and spicy food, then walked and bounced some more. Went back and baby had not moved, and had gone to sleep!!!!! :cry::hissy:
    So, a rescan has been booked for 2 weeks today, in the hope he has moved, but he was in exactly the same position as this during the 20 week scan. I'm really not convinced he is going to turn! :dohh:
    They gave us the DVD anyway, complete with the "it's a boy" shot to put our minds at rest.

    Here is one of the most decent (ish) pics.....

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    :hugs: Glad they offerd u a re-scan they told me there was no point due to havin placenta in way my scan wouldnt change no matter when i had it .....hope he moves for u xx

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