3DPO any tww buddies??

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by rosebaby, Jan 28, 2011.

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    So I think I o'd this month ( after 9 months!!!) because I had some possible EWCM, cramping and my breasts have been hurting for the last 3 days ( REALLY hurting). I used to track my BBT but stopped, however I took it the last 2 mornings and its above my normal coverline. Now I haven't been sleeping well cause I have to pee CONSTANTLY! So I don't know if the BBT is accurate..but I am going to go ahead and say I am in TWW to be safe.

    Soo anyway, who is with me and wants to symptom spot and go through the wait with me?

    I know 3 DPO is to early but heres whats going on so far:

    Sore BBs swollen, esp on the sides which could be from progesterone after ovulation

    Frequent urination..constant ..like every 15 minutes! I had a UTI a few weeks back but this is different. I don't have pain..and I go alot every time..so idk

    Restless sleeping and hot flashes...this could be from clomid which I have been taking for 3 cycles now.

    Hope someone will join me!!!
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    Jan 28, 2011
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    Hey! This is my first post on this site... Im so glad to have finally found somewhere I cant talk to women who are going through the same things as me! My husband and I have been ttc for a year and a half... I just began clomid 50mg cd 5-9 and 1500mg metformin a day. The only thing I am feeling out of the orinary is lower back pain.. I generally get this 5-6 days prior to af but it seems to have started very early this month! I am also feeling nauseas but that may be from the metformin i am on... (I haven't been taking it exactly like i am supposed to the last few days!) I have never been pregnant before so I don't really have anything to compare to what im feeling!

    Hope to make tons of new friends on here! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everyone!

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