4 dpo and already frustrated

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by scarlett78, Jun 10, 2013.

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    Hi! I'm new here....Hope to make some friends to help me though this wait.

    I started taking maca root this cycle and I think it made my pre-o temps higher. So for a while fertility friend thought I ovulated on cd 11. Which wouldn't be super early for me. Well, I wasn't sure about that date, so we kept bd'ing. I'm glad we did, because I got a huge temp spike at cd 16 that I think was ovulation. FF agreed, and after 3 higher temps, I got new crosshairs.

    Well, being the impatient woman I am, I decided to take a wondfo this weekend, in case I did ovulate on cd 11. Well, wouldn't you know, I got 3 faint lines. I got so excited. After 15 months! Finally!

    Then I did some research and learned that this particular batch of wondfos had some false positives. It's a bad batch. Crap.

    After a good cry last night, I'm ready to get into the mindset of being only 4 dpo. And waiting another week to test. I hope. If I can wait that long.

    Here is my chart, in case you're interested.
    My Ovulation Chart

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