4 year old thief!!!

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    Title says it all really!!!

    My 4 yo started reception in September.

    On a couple of occasions she has come home from school with an item in her book bag. Once a scarf, another time was a headband. When asked where ahe got them from she said "so and so gave it to me" or "so and so said I could have it as shes my best friend"

    When picking her up from school today I saw her through the window and she smiled and held up her headband (not hers). As her teacher led out the kids she held up said hairband and said to one of the dads: "Is this Lily's?" He nodded and off the little girl went with her headband.

    My DD then walked out with a little handbag which wasn't hers and I told her, that isn't yours give it to your teacher. The teacher in front of all the other mums and dads then said "Oh, she tried to take someones headband today too". I was absolutely mortified. I apologised profusely, told DD not to be taking things that weren't hers and walked off throughly embarrassed.

    Did anyone elses LOs go through this phase?? I'm really worried I've given birth to a kleptomaniac!!!!!!!
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    Yes! She was late 3 or early 4 yrs old. DD took a watch from a department store. She had put it in her pants. I found it when we got to the car and, of course, we took it back in. Another time, she put a piece of candy in her pants. This time, I made her take it to the cashier and apologize for taking something that didn't belong to her. She also took something from her class at church. I swear for 6 months I was checking her clothes anytime we went anywhere. But she stopped. I think, maybe, she finally realized what stealing actually meant?? Not sure really, but she did stop and we haven't had anymore incidents. Actually, now she'll say, "mommy, we have to pay for this." I really wonder if they understand what they are doing? It seems mine did to hide it, but then again, maybe she hid it bc she knew I wouldn't get it for her, and not because she really understood she was stealing something. As I think about it, after the candy incident, I remember asking her if she could tell me why I had her apologize to the cashier and give the candy back, and she told me it was because I didn't want her to have candy. I do think it's a phase, but I knwo how upsetting it can be. I googled like a mad woman trying to find out if it was normal or if something was wrong with my child! Best to you and hopefully it's a short phase!

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