6 Month old Routines ??

Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by Tinylo, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Questions questions questions, that hopefully someone can please answer.....
    I'm TW my LO and started at 21 weeks, he's now 26 weeks and on 3 meals a day with 4 milk feeds as below:-
    6 - 7 8oz
    8 - 9 porridge and puree
    10.30 - 11.30 6oz
    1 - 2 fruit & yogurt or mashed veg
    3 - 4 6 oz
    5 - 6 mashed veg
    7 - 8 oz

    Should I be trying to cut down on his milk feeds or cut out a milk feed, I feel like I'm constantly feeding him!!! I must admit I don't wait for him to be screaming hungry, maybe a little whingy, should I wait longer and see if he cuts out a feed himself??
    Could some of you post your feeding routines of your LO around the same age, so I can see if they're similar.
    I can't seem to remember anythng from my first LO!!!:blush:
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    I assume if he wasn't hungry he wouldn't drain the bottles??? S I'd not drop one unless he's showing no interest. If you are struggling to fit it all in maybe you could go back a little and only offer two solid meals? I believe there is no rush to get to three meals a day.
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    I feel exactly the same.. My whole day is based around feeding LO! We got in to such a good routine, but now that he's 7 months and moving on to the 'lumpy' food and finger foods its all changed and its a guessing game and im finding it so difficult trying to balance his milk and food!

    His routine now seems to be:
    8-9am - 7oz milk
    11-12pm - porridge or yoghurt/fruit
    2-3pm - half 7+ month jar and yoghurt or fruit
    5-6pm - 6oz milk
    7.30-8pm - mashed veg/dinner and fruit or baby biscuit
    10pm - 5oz milk
    He also wakes up 1-2 times a night for milk where he then takes 8oz milk!

    Sorry I cant offer much advice hun as I'm in the same boat! :hugs:
  4. punk_pig

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    I wonder if he needs more milk in the day to stop him waking at night? There seems to be a big gap between his milk feeds and at 7mnths I'm not sure his solid meals will be big enough to provide him with all his food needs. (I'm not sure cos ive never done TW so don't know how much is being eaten - I BLW).

    My LOs routine is:

    6:30 - breastfeed for between 30mins and an hour
    8:15 - porridge and fruit (water available)
    9:45 - quick breastfeed (usually 5-10mins)
    12:00- lunch
    13:00 - breastfeed (this is sometimes zero sometimes 15 mins depending how much she ate at lunch)
    16:00 - breastfeed (big one usually 30mins)
    17:15 - dinner (topped up with breast if she didn't eat much)
    18:45 - 5oz bottle topped up with breast if still hungry.

    She is 10mnths old now.

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