7 or 8 DPO Are these implantation symptoms?

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    Hi all!

    This is our first month TTC and i am super in tune with my body and cycle. I ovulate slightly early, this month on day 12 of my cycle.

    I got mild ovulation cramps on day 11, then they got intense on day 12 (thinking this was ovulation day) and stuck around until 5-6 DPO. My nipples were also super sore, temp has been slightly elevated, I’ve had a lingering headache and i have been exhausted!

    Yesterday, 6 or 7 DPO, I felt a tingly/stabby very localized pain exactly where i assume my uterus is sitting as well as dull AF type cramping. It came and went and as the day progressed i felt dizzy, had a couple of hot flashes, had trouble finding my words and had some nausea on our car ride home from dinner (I dont drink or smoke and eat as clean as possible.)

    Today, assuming 7 or 8 DPO, the AF cramps have lingered and are more persistent, had some mild nausea this morning, my CM is watery/milky, headache is extra annoying, I’m feeling a little irritable, felt the tingly/stabby localized pain a couple of times, i have been gassy and really bloated up and went for a walk with my husband and was having a hot flash the entire time (its 50 degrees here in jersey.) No implantation bleeding and AF is due in 9 days.

    Help! Could these be signs of implantation?!

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