8 DPO. Why do we do these things? Just venting...UPDATED

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by heart4home, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Update OK, well I knew I shouldn't let myself get excited. I don't understand this at all, as yesterday I never even had a hint of a line inside or out of the cassette, but anyways, I decided to take them out of the cassette, and they both look white. It's so weird. Why would that happen.

    The little piece of plastic on both of them looks like they have dried pee on them, but yet, how in the world could that form perfectly straight up and down lines in the exact spot where the test line should be.

    This is why testing at 7 and 8 dpo is really not a good idea. You feel conflicted no matter what the results. I'm so upset. I just knew it was too early for the lines. Maybe I peed too much on them this time? I've never had anything like this happen before. So weird. Oh well.
    I had a m/c just this month on the 3rd at 7.5 weeks. Physically it went fine and so we decided to go for it.

    Well yesterday being totally stupid at 7 dpo I tested twice with the cassette tests from Pregnancytests.com (I had ordered 50 after the m/c to use to make sure my hcg was all gone) and they were white as snow. Not even a hint of an evap. I knew it was very early and didn't give it much thought either way but did promise myself I would not test again until Friday when I will be a more respectable 10 dpo.

    So this morning, I am laying in bed and telling myself how I won't test and then I get up to go pee and you know what I did. Well our room was still dark and I didn't want dh to know I was testing so early, he'd think I'd lost my mind and so I never checked it until about 30 minutes. Sure enough a faint line. I thought well, it wasn't in the time limit and I knew when I peed I had gotten a little on the test window so figured it might be a bad one. So then you know I couldn't resist and I tested again less than an hour later after drinking my cup of morning coffee. The line is lighter but after watching the two tests yesterday, I felt pretty confident there would be a line even before the pink background had faded away. There IS!!

    I know this will sound crazy, but I'm mad at myself. I think it's almost worse now, knowing and wondering if I'm going to make it 6 more days with the tests staying positive and getting darker.

    With my m/c this month when I had started testing back in early December at 9dpo they took a whole week to finally get dark. So what if that happens again? I had 3 losses within the last year. I'm pretty old and our time is running out, which is why we tried right away.

    Gah, I'm so upset with myself. I actually thought I had more symptoms at 6 dpo then I did all day yesterday.
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    I totally empathize with your compulsions. I feel the same way every month, though I've gotten better now after trying unsuccessfully for over a year. You would think that with modern technology, they'd figure out a way to tell if you are preggo earlier! GRRRRR

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