A bit of a puzzling question for my friend.

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by britt1986, Oct 8, 2013.

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    Took her to her prenatel appt today. She is 34+2. Dr measured her fundal height and it only measured 29. So the doc sent her for an ultrasound. Babys bones and other organs are measuring 32+4. Other wise baby is in good health. So why the variences in measurements? Doctor said he didnt know.
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    Fundal height measurement is pretty unreliable - it's kind of the super old school way of measuring left over from when people didn't have scans or any other ways of judging fetal age or growth (other than LMP). So often people measure behind or ahead of actual scan dates. Usually here they are fine with 3 weeks difference either way - and only if it is greater than that do they send for a scan.

    Some women carry small, some have more or less fluid, sometimes the baby is in a position which minimizes the bump (I think transverse does this). Sometimes it is also a sign of a problem so they check. I always measure small (29 weeks at 35) but apparently I have a "deep pelvis" so don't stick out as much :haha:
    My kiddos haven't been small though!
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    Could be IUGR.
    when I was 34 weeks with my son my fundel height was 29 so had to have a scan, at the scan he measured 2 weeks behind, so was induced at 36 weeks.
    baby's growth might have slowed down, so she should see a consultant really get another scan see how the growth is then and then possibly induction.

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