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    Bits and pieces. Well I just thought I'd share some stuff with you that we got for Hollie, some stuff we used and we loved other things were pointless.

    Swaddle wrap, We got like 5 Hollie hated them, we were also told by a midwife/nurse that works with premmie baby's (my Little brother was born at 30 weeks but stopped growing at 25 week's) that swaddling baby's as safe as sleeping baby on his/her belly because a babys natural reflex if they stop breathing is to fling their arms out. Any ways I'd get 1 and if baby likes it then go and get more

    We have the Jane Slalom Pro pram/TS with the Matrix Cup Car seat, were selling it. The pram is bulky, its great to push around we go walking in the woods and it has no problem nor when were shopping, but its real big, I need a tandem buggy now, its also great if your going jogging with LO, but the car seat can me used flat like a carry cot in the car and on the pram, laying flat is totally best for baby no sitting up for a long time its bad for their little backs, thats why we got a carrycot car seat as it is great for long journeys, also if you use it as a normal RF carseat it as 3 stages on recline on it, only trouble is it weight's a tonne!

    I wouldn't get a baby blender or crap like that, we didn't Hollie has always had finger food, a handful of jar's on journeys but we have never had to blend her anything up, we did however get a Kenwood tri-blade hand blender the other day for soup and a kenwood mini blender for fresh herbs (we cook everything from scratch) and if you wanted to make your own baby food both of them are pretty good, with the added bonus you can use them yourself, where as if you look at some of the baby blender's you can just use them for making baby food iykwim.

    Oh one more thing BEDS!

    We have a moses basket, we used that downstairs for naps in the day it was on the floor so she used it till about 6 months :) saves running up and down like every 5 mins hehe. We have a co-sleeping crib, Hollie could still be in it now, but she hates being disturbed in her sleep by lights or daddy snoring to we got her a cot bed in her own room, I'd get another cot bed for Baby girl because they can be used for years, I would invest in a good mattress even if they do cost a fair bit I think we paid about £70 for Hollies but she can use it for years and it supports her.

    1 more thing if you look at sleep curve mattresses for the moses basket they are great.

    Some things for you,

    Lansinoh nipple cream is amazing best thing for a BFing mummy.
    re-usable breast pads are brill after the first 2 months before that I was leaking that much they just couldn't handle all the leakage but after the major leaking all the time they were fine,
    I used these breast pads when I was leaking loads and the were so good really i never had any visible leaks with these pads in.

    If your BFing I'd suggest these, the first few weeks I was BF when Hollie was on one boob the other would squirt milk across the room I ended up holding a pot there to collect the milk and easy collected 2-3 oz from the other boob when I was feeding her.

    Oh, go get measured for a good few BFing bras, even if your not BF, after baby is born weather you BF or not you milk will come in and it hurts and your boobs swell I found a nice maternity bra really helped you just dont get what you need from a normal bra.

    Thats all I can think of now, I'll let you get on with you evening and well done if you got this far, I just know I bought so much stuff that I didnt use or it was a load of shit and a waste of money!

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