A very strange month

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by ElliesMum, Dec 11, 2006.

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    I'm booked to go into hospital on mon 18th dec for a hysteroscopy just so they can see what and if there is anything that is stopping me from falling pg. They told us that, between my last af and the operation, we are not allowed to have unprotected sex cos they wont carry out the operation if there is a chance i might be pg. So this month we have been using the dreaded condoms (tmi). But things have been so strange. Normally, ttc is the foremost thing on my mind and no matter how much i try not to think about it, its always there. I think its actually programmed into my head when next af is due, checking for cm, checking for "signs" etc. This month has been so different. Because i know we cant actually ttc i have been so much more relaxed as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I dont have to think about it all the time anymore, it feels so strange. I just wish that i could be like this all the time but i know that as soon as i've had the op i will be counting days etc. Its amazing how much stress we put ourselves under without even realising it until you come to a time when you dont have to and then you realise just how tense and worked up you get.
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    Sorry I missed this post (& many more) over the last week ...

    Best of look tomorrow hun :hugs: & back to shagging :wink: I relaxed a little on the TTC crazy stuff & feel much better but still TTC - I usually click on after BD 'when' we did it which is great because I'm basically not hunting my man ON THAT DAY :lol: Seems to still work out about right but they say a woman will hunt her man when she is due to O anyway :twisted:

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