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    Apr 7, 2009
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    hi there all! this is my first post, and i have admit it's nice to see that i'm not the only one going through the confusion! first, i guess i'll fill you in on what's going on with me.

    I stopped my bc 03-14-09 at the end of the active pills, first day lmp 03-18-09. my husband and i decided to just start trying. we weren't expecting to actually conceive the first month. so anyways, we decided for fun to try the opk sticks. i started testing a couple times a day and was getting negatives every time. suddenly cd 14, 15, 16 the am opk were positive, pm opk negative. i had the cm changes, to ewcm on day cd 15 and cd 14, 15, 16 my pelvic area just felt different. very sensitive and full, i could feel both ovaries. the cervix was SHOW. i was SURE i had ovulated. ever since then cd 16-19 i've had a "pulling" feeling around my right ovary. cd 17, 18, 19 strong negative opk and cervix low and hard. and then cd 20 a super strong afternoon OPK and cervix back to SHOW....what the heck!! and now i'm out of opk sticks on cd 21. (bfn hpt) but had lotion cm up until today, cd 21 with chunky ewcm... i still have a full pelvic feeling, with pulling sensation at right ovary...cervix is still high, not open now.

    so my body is doing something? trying to figure out how to ovulate again after being on bc pills pretty steady since 2004.

    anyways, i just wanted to get it all down somewhere....any ideas?
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    Maybe your body tried to ovulate (1st surge) but it never really happened so it tired again? Ive heard it can take your body awhile to regulate and be "normal" after bcp.

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