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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Club' started by carmagood, Sep 20, 2007.

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    I'm reading so much about certain foods I should avoid while being pregnant, it's confusing! And while I was just eating my noodles from yesterday, (the sauce was standing on the oven over night and during the day as it is quite cool in the house) I've read that one should avoid foods that haven't been refrigerated for a few hours...thanks, that made me enjoy my noodles a lot!
    does anyone have the 'ultimate list' of safe and unsafe things to eat?
    should i read all this stuff that is confusing me or should I just follow my instincts, as many of my friends say....:book::help:
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    Obviously you have the normal rules of food - if you fridge left over foods you should allow it to cool and to eat again you must make sure your food is piping hot if you reheat it. As for leaving sauce on the side maybe should have let it cool and the same rule apply ... Not sure on the exact question - if once cooled eat without reheating but I'd imagine its ok. I know in pregnancy they say like ready made meals you must make sure its piping hot cooked.

    Some info on this thread regarding foods:

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