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    My daughter is about to turn 6 and I can't think of an idea for her party. I think there will be about 10 guests, and we need to come up with different activities for them.
    I thought about ping-pong for everyone - just the guys are equally divided, and they can compete with each other. Especially since none of them have tried to play it before, and everyone will be on an equal footing. I also discovered that here are children's ping pong tables!
    It also seems to me that it would be interesting to invite a person who is engaged in face painting. What confuses me is that the children will have to wait for their turn, and they can fight because of this.
    What other options have you tried? Thanks a lot!
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    Sorry that you didn’t get any answers! Not sure if the party already happened. I don’t know that I’d do ping pong for 6 year olds. My son finds it fascinating at 5, but he can’t volley. It’s fine as a side activity but I wouldn’t expect him/kids his age to play.

    As far as face painting and turn waiting, have a visual queue. It’s a small enough party that kids’ parents can add their name to a list and the painter could call for them when they’re ready. Have other activities for them to do in the meantime.

    Like my son’s 5th birthday I kept small because I rented a pony. 1 pony for like six 4/5 year olds. But I had food, ping pong (lol my parents have one in their backyard so it was just there), a petting zoo, and a fort/slide. So kids played, ate, danced, or were in the petting zoo while taking turns. I will say the nice thing about face painting is it tends to be one and done. You could also ask the artist to stick to smaller designs rather than full face to cut down on waiting time.

    Legos, kinetic sand, play doh, coloring, paints are all cost effective fun things kids that age like. Balloon animals are always fun as well

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