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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Cat, May 9, 2007.

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    Nov 8, 2006
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    Well today I went for a session in Accupuncture to try to induce bub, I have never had acupuncture before so this was a new experience, I was also a little scared as I dont particularly like needles!!!

    Anyway for those of you who are interested I thought I would share it with you in case its something you thing about trying for yourselves.

    The guy I went to see actually often works at my hospital doing both inductions and assisting women in labour with acupuncture for pain relief. If you want to try this be sure to find someone experienced in doing it for inductions, as not all do it or are experienced in doing it.

    I did a little reaseach with good old google on the subject first cause I must admit I am a little sceptical of a lot of alternetive therepies. Its only cause I dont have to pay for this cause our family health cover covers complimentary therepies that Im even having it done.

    Still I found this site among others to be very interesting on the subject

    So it seems that this is the normal method of induction in China and carried a very high success rate. The practitioner I say today claims at having a success rate of over 70%.

    So I arrived today and was asked a series of questions about my pregnancy and general health. I sat up on the comfortable bed with bare feet and my trouser legs rolled up just past the knee, and he used a little handheld device over my legs to detect where to site the needles, of which he put one in neer each knee and each ankle with a qick flick of the wrist so I didnt even feel them go in. He then put a further 2 in my right ear which I did feel as they went into cartellidge although this was a tiny pin prick and nothing painfull. He then wrapped a damp piece of cloth round each of my little toes and connected them up with little jump leads to a small battery which he then turned up untill I told him I could feel a slight tingling (again nothing uncomfortable just a faint electric pulse) he then attached further wires to the pins in angles and legs and again turned up the power till I told him I could feel it. And that was it, I sat and we chatted for about 45 mins with this faint current going through me then he disconnected everything and removed the pins. He finally placed a small pin like a drawing pin inside my right ear and taped it into place for me to take away and wear for the next couple of days. although he has advised that if I go into labour to remove it stright away as it may make labour progress very quickly.

    So anyway now its just time to sit back and see if anything happens!
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    I had acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and also when i was overdue to try and get things moving.
    He put needles in my ankles, shin, arm and wrist and attached some of them to a tens machine.
    He would leave me for 45 mins. and it cost £15 for 2 sessions 45 mins each.

    (he had a house as his work place and so could have 4-5 people 'cooking' so he could charge less per session.)

    i had the acupuntcure on the tues and sprog arrived on the sunday/monday

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