advice needed and RANT (long!!!!)

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by jr1, Aug 30, 2009.

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    Right for all this to make sense let me tell you some previus history,
    had my first son by c section at 36 weeks (he was booked for section because of I had bad pelvis spd) anyway, I went into labour just before the section was booked so they did they section a few days early.

    Now pregnant with my second son 36+3 and have been in hospital recently twice! Once just over a week ago as I was having strong contractions 6 mins apart but my cervix wasnt doing anything and they calmed down so was let home next day.

    Then on monday I had a heavy bleed, stayed in hospital whilst they monitored me etc etc and they sent me home fri as I hadnt bled that day (bled a bit each day up until then)
    They still do not know what caused the bleeding as the baby wasnt showing any signs of distress and my placenta is high. They did query abruption but my addomen is soft (even though have been having cramps alot)

    So...... I am at home worrying myself sick I am strep B positive also just to add to it and they were questioning another section due to previosu but i wanted to try vbac but now becaus of the mystery bleed I dont know???? I have an app booked in a week but i have already lost all my blood and had a bloody mucus 3 days ago and lost the last of my plug this am abd feel sick/hot and a bit flu like???

    One consultant is saying c section due to strep b/previous section/bleeding and another is saying no still try vbac as long as i get antibiotics for strep dueing labour-but what if i bleed etc???????????? I dont know what to do? if my waters go i need to get to hospital asap due to infection and if I go into labour i need to make a decision promto about c section or not?

    Now-concern over vbac
    tearing and needing stitches
    c section scar tearing (low risk i know)
    baby becomming distressed and needing c section anyway
    baby more likely to get strep b

    now-concern with c section
    6 weeks of immense pain
    another scar and surgey
    I have a 5 yr old son to look after plus the baby and my partner works long hours
    I have horses (worried if i get kicked or knocked over, could it open up the scar and bleed or something????????????????????????)
    but!!! the baby wont come into contact with strep B (unless my waters go)
    and no worry of me bleeding.

    what do you think??
    Now for the rant!!!!!

    Hospital staff were slow to react, it took 4 1/2 hrs to even see a doc when i went in with heavy bleed-i just was told to sit and wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    saw a different consultant every day and none of them read my notes properly
    one said go home another said lets do c section at 37 weeks?!!
    one said worried that ive had contractions for so long he was worried about pressure on my c section scar and another said nothing to worry about!
    I was supposed to be monitored twice daily and half the time didnt get put on monitor til 8 pm!!!!!!
    consultant requested bed socks for me but never saw them and had really painful cramps.
    bed sheets werent changed whilst i was in for 5 days!!!
    I was having bad cramps/back pain and had to walk to the dinner trolley to get my lunch???? they could have pushed it onto the ward!!! never had a hospital that makes you get out of bed and go get your own dinner!!!
    There were fleas in my bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was sent home in pain/worried and no idea why i bled and no idea what to do if i labour/when to go in etc etc???
    no other hospitals nearby for me, so am stuck with this one!

    big slick of cake for anyone who got this far!!!:happydance:
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    I don't really have any advice hun, apart from they seem to have left you in the dark a bit. Sending you lots of hugs :hugs:

    Could you talk things over with your MW or ask to see the consultant again.
    Are you under consultant led care due to your previous history?

    lots of luck and try not to worry

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    Hey...... im also in the situation of deciding wether to have c-sect or natural birth due to the tear i had when i had my dd nearly 4 yrs ago, altough after some long hard thinking ive decided on the c-sect, im not sure what to expect although based on my previous experience i think this is the best option for me, like you my dh works long hrs 6 days a week and wont be around much to help out with lo or dd but somehow i will stay strong and get on with it, thats all we can do wether we are suffering from stitches from a natural birth or c-sect, but i def dont want to go thru what i went thru last time and neither does my dh so i know regardless of the pain and recovery period i still think its the right decision for me. if you chose to have a c-sect u know its going to be over within a matter of minutes, and you know what to expect after previously having one, and this time around you might recover better, if you have a natural birth you dont know what to expect, how long you'll be in labour for, if you'll need a c-sect anyway, if you'll still tear etc.... there are more cons to this than the c-sect even though the recovery stage is longer, although when i had a natural birth i teared so bad it was a cat 4, i couldnt walk without being in pain for weeks and it took well over 2 months before the tear even started to heal properly, im not saying that this will happen to you but that it can happen. i know by having a c-sect i will struggle with the lo during the recovery stage but im hopefull i will be ok compared to my prev experience and also because i have the experience of being a mum which first time around i didnt have.
    i hope in some way the above has helped.
    good luck with whatever you choose.
    all the best
    hugs xxx

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