Advice needed, my LO unwell :(

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by BabyBubbles, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Hi ladies,

    I'm not sure if my 8 week old lo is unwell or not. He has been really really fussy around this time the last 2 days, screaming his little head off. He projectile vomited what looked like his entire feed last night but seemed to perk up after that. He slept fine, but today he only poo'd once this morning (which was a nasty one) and is now screaming his head off again. DH is with him at the mo. He's been sicking up after every feed today (he's bf) though he has been feeding normally.

    I don't know if he's got a tummy problem, constipated, a problem with wind, a problem with my milk or if he has a bug. He doesn't have a temp. I just feel useless when he's screaming like this and I want to help him :cry:

    Any thoughts?

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