Advice on TTC after reversal and ICSI

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by obe, Apr 7, 2009.

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    I would like some advice from anyone who can help!
    My partner had the snip before we met, last year he had it reversed which we were told went well although his sperm was a little slow. So after TTC for the last year we decided to go and see the Dr. He went for another sperm count and the results were not good, not much of the sperm is healthy. The Dr suggested we think about ICSI, which we had never heard of before and in the mean time my parnter would do another sperm count which we find out the results for next week.
    I need to have a blood test on the CD2, a scan and then another blood test on CD27 just to check im ok too. Then I guess we need to discuss our options again with the Dr.
    I never though getting pregnant would be this hard (I dont have children of my own) and I just hope im strong enough to do this, even though I want it so bad!
    To top it all off, theres nobody I can really talk about this to! I have great mates but they dont really understand, I havnt told my family as they dont know my partner had the snip, plus my work place has basically told me not to get pregnant:hissy:!
    Any advice would be great!!
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    Sounds like you've been hit with it all at once :hugs:

    I won't lie, IVF/ICSI is such a hard, and sometimes long is challenging in so many ways - financially, emotionally, mentally, it is very testing to your relationship (especially after multiple cycles) etc BUT it could also give us the very thing that we want more in the whole wide world, so I am prepared to go walk thru fire if I have to.

    Please ask ANY questions you want, even if you think they might be silly or TMI, there are quite a few IVF girls in this section now.

    Basically ICSI is exactly the same as IVF up until the point of fertilisation where instead of the eggs being put in a petri dish with selected sperm (regular IVF), the eggs are instead injected with a single sperm. This option gives much better fert rates and also makes it possible for eggs to fertilise with sperm that have low motility/morphology/count etc.

    You're more than welcome to PM me anytime with questions.

    Where do you work?

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