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Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by leanne1, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Aug 8, 2011
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    I think i may have ovulated sooner than my chart predicted me to. It said on the 9th i ovulated but on the 13th i spotted a little and had cramps but thats only 4 dpo and doesnt it take 5-7 dpo for implantation?? Has anyone else had experience with ovulating early? Im almost certain that im pregnant. I have never had this little bit of bleeding and ive never really cramped. not even much during my period. we've done the deed every other day this month so its extremely likely! :) My only problem is when should i take a test. Ive read 3ish days after implantation. But also no sooner than 9dpo so if i had implantation bleeding i can test in a few days right???
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    Oct 23, 2011
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    Omg. we're in the same boat! i ovulated on the 9th/10th at the latest! I had spotting and cramps last night and a little bit more this morning! I just went to the bathroom and checked my cervix and there was loads of watery cm with tiny spots of brown :shrug: I'm only 3 or 4 dpo!! What could it be????
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    I would test in a few days if you are sure of when you ovulated. GL hun. :)
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    Oct 25, 2011
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    7cd- bd for the fun of it.
    9cd- negative Opk- bd
    10cd- negative OPK- bd- while cleaning up from bd pink stuff in my husband's juice?
    11cd negative opk. bd
    12cd + opk. no bd
    13cd no more ovulation test- ran out, bd
    14cd bd
    15-17cd.. nothing..
    18cd. 6 dpo OPK. and I got a EXTREMELY FAINT LINE on HPT one you have to hold a certain angle to see it.
    So I thought I ovulated on the 7cd because of the pink 3 days after I had bd, after another bd 3 days later, and possibly having hopefully a positive pregnancy test. but if I go by the OPK which I started at 9cd I am only 6dpo.. ? SO NO CLUE WHAT IS HAPPENING!
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    It could have been ovulation bleeding. Sometimes if you have a strong ovulation, you get some bleeding afterwards from the follicles bursting and cramps accompany it as well. I won't say you're not pg, but it is a bit early for implantation, since it does take at least 5-7 days for the egg to travel down your fallopian tube. But a strong ov is good. I hope you get your BFP! :)
  6. I am not TTC but rang my doc today as the last two cycles around ovulation I have started to bleed, it starts off pinky brown, day two quite dark red, then for the next two days brown not loads. Ive never had it before but since have Macy Sept 2010 my cycles have been very irregular, long and now this mid cycle bleeding with cramping. I am having an examination next week. But very common apperently to bleed during ovulation but just never had it before its weird, I think it occurs in women who have longer cycles. Good luck.
  7. sign of high fertility apperently, no use to me now lol and brown is old blood.

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