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Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by AriannasMama, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Soo, now that Arianna is getting closer to being a toddler, she's starting to learn to be naughty. Often when I tell her "no" she will continue to do it and laugh hysterically when I tell her "no". For example, today she kept opening her dresser and pulling clothes out of it, I didn't want her to get hurt by accidentally pulling the drawer all the way out or slamming her fingers in the drawer so I told her "no" and explained to her why I didn't want her doing that (not that she understands yet, but she will eventually, lol). She kept doing it over and over and would laugh everytime I told her no, she even has starting biting me when she doesn't get her way and laughs when I say ouch!

    Anyways, what can I do? She's too young to punish and I know she doesn't fully understand what no means so what can I do when she starts doing these things?
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    Chloe is a similar age it arianna and what we do with her is tell her no a couple of times then if she doesnt listen we pick her up and put her just a few steps away from where she was being naughty and again say no. Sometimes she goes back to it we just keep doinh the same calmly in low voice until she stays there or does something she allowed to then lots of praise
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    It's consitency. You can't expect her to behave everytime. You keep it consistent and if she doesn't stop after a few no's then I would remove her form the situation.....

    She'll get it eventually, my LO was like this at her age but now when I say no to him he bursts in to tears! (I'm not even saying it in a horrible way, he just knows he can't do what ever he was doing anymore!)
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    Like the PP, we just stay consistent. There are certain things we'll let him explore, just to try and satisfy his natural curiosity, but only if we're watching him like a hawk! Other things that are genuinely dangeous (like the oven) we always, always say "not for you", and make a slight sweeping gesture with one hand, palm facing out towards him. He's picked it up really quickly, and now will move away himself as soon as we make the gesture. In fact, recently he's started pointing to the things we want him to stay away from and makes the hand gesture himself...pretty cute!

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