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Discussion in 'Teenage Parenting' started by AriannasMama, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. AriannasMama

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    Soo, now that Arianna is getting closer to being a toddler, she's starting to learn to be naughty. Often when I tell her "no" she will continue to do it and laugh hysterically when I tell her "no". For example, today she kept opening her dresser and pulling clothes out of it, I didn't want her to get hurt by accidentally pulling the drawer all the way out or slamming her fingers in the drawer so I told her "no" and explained to her why I didn't want her doing that (not that she understands yet, but she will eventually, lol). She kept doing it over and over and would laugh everytime I told her no, she even has starting biting me when she doesn't get her way and laughs when I say ouch!

    Anyways, what can I do? She's too young to punish and I know she doesn't fully understand what no means so what can I do when she starts doing these things?
  2. lb

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    Kayla does the same thing (I know she's only 9 months old, but she understands the concept of no, I'm pretty sure?). Usually I'll just put her in her crib for a few minutes, but of course, nothing will help at this stage. I'll be stalking this thread :)
  3. annawrigley

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    Just persevere! Noah started being 'naughty' about Ariella's age and after a while he listened and understood and stopped doing whatever he wasnt meant to do x

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