Af coming, but no symptoms

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by AustralianPie, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Apr 25, 2013
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    My AF is due tomorrow, I've had very little to no cm the past three days. Yesterday my breast were tender to touch, and strangely I had what felt like dry retching, like wanting to vomit, but not retching and not vomitting - but no nausea. I've never had this before.

    I've had no cramps, I've no spotting to indicate af is coming ( last cycle, I had spotting in the afternoon then full flow the next day for 5.5 days )

    So I've still got a few hours up my sleeve for spotting to come.

    I'm starting to get mild cramps in my lower back ( but this could be the way I'm sitting at work - very very ergonomical ) and my breast are tender to touch. Are these generally AF symptoms or preg ? I had my first proper AF last month that last 5 days, cramps but breasts weren't tender. And I was very very teary last cycle.

    I'll hold out a few days before I test, and have a blood test in 2-3 days time to get my thyroid check anyway, so that will tell me for sure if i am pregnant or not.

    But i just want to know if any other ladies have experience something similar and got a BFP?
    So no symptoms of af coming and no symptoms of being pregnant also ?

    Quick History:
    22 this year, 5 year old DS, implanon in for 3 years, replaced 2 years ago, came out in March this year, No period in April, First Period in May ( So body got back on track fairly quickly ) And Now up to June. ( So implanon taken out 2 months ago )
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    I can't say I know if your symptoms are AF or pregnancy, but I just wanted to say that I am having the exact same thing as you with wanting to gag/dry retch but not being nauseous at all! It's very weird. I hope it's a sign for both of us! =P

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