Almost 4 weeks in lots of pain!!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by mixedbeautyx, Nov 19, 2011.

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    So I made the worst decision yesterday to eat spicy food, ever since I have been having awful stomach pain/cramps and bad bad bad diarrea, to the point it was waking me up out of my sleep almost every 3 hours.

    I decided to call the nurse and they had me come in to be examined, couldnt see anything on u/s because I am not far along enough.

    Tomorrow I get my bloods taken again to see if they double and I am very worried because of the pain, also have spotting. Yesterday was orangish, earlier today was same color and then this evening looks more of a light brownish. I thought maybe the brown spotting was from the vaginal thing they put in me for the u/s cause the dr said at the time she didnt see any bleeding/spotting.

    Ive had an ectopic before so I am very worried something is wrong. I have pains everywhere, in my back (ALOT), legs/arms (not so much) but everything is so uncomfortable. I feel like I am too early to be experiencing this as with my previous ectopic I started bleeding at 5 weeks and didnt get awful pains till about 6 weeks and it didnt get super super extreme to 7 weeks (by that time I couldnt even walk!!) And I didnt feel like this at all around 4 weeks, I didnt even know I was pregnant until a little bit after I started bleeding. I thought it was just a very heavy pd until the pains came.

    At first the pains in my lower abdomen felt like uterus stretching, but not its above the belly and just feels like a bad tummy ache.

    I hope everything goes okay tomorrow, I also have another urgent care appt tomorrow but I dont see what the point really is as they wont be able to see anything at all. I am not even 4 weeks. I am so nervous .. :(
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    :hugs: hope everything works out for you hon

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