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    The nurse practitioner I'm seeing looked over my blood tests and says I'm extremely anemic. She said my iron levels are perfect, and listed off a bunch of other stuff and said they're good too (maybe a possible b12 deficiency). I do have Lupus and I am assuming it has something to do with that. She has me going to a specialist as soon as possible.

    My only concern is how this is affecting the baby? My hemoglobin is very low (106 I believe). I asked her if it will have any bad effects on the baby, and she said the baby will take what it needs but I'll be left feeling very weak. Is this true? I was very very late getting my blood work (24 weeks) and I just got the results today (26 weeks) so there is a chance I could have been anemic through-out the whole pregnancy.

    I'm obviously concerned about myself, but I'm really only worried about the baby. I would hate to think that this would have a really adverse affect on her.
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    i was very anemic with my first baby,
    she was fine, like your midwife said the baby takes what it needs from you, so because baby is nicking all your good stuff your left weak.

    i couldnt go anywhere without someone being with me as i passed out often, had dizzyness, sickness etc, my skin went very spotty too which was upsetting

    but my lil girlie was perfect when i had her :)

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