Another experience of a medical miscarriage...

Discussion in 'Miscarriage Support' started by veganmum2be, Dec 14, 2009.

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    Well i thought it was lovely of Drazic to post her experience of medical miscarriage, i'm certainly very glad it was posted, i didn't have a clue what would happen, but was put at ease a bit having read anothers experience.

    obviously it will be different for everyone, but thought i'd share mine.

    Friday: 2.00pm - took the first pill to get things going. They gave me bedpans and a specimen pot incase i passed everything at home, and was told to bring anything that i did pass with me on sunday,
    Saturday: 5.30pm passed a grape sized clot but nothing else all night. was really worried it would all happen at home as i really didn't want this.

    Sunday: Told to be on maternity ward for 8am.
    8.30, took the 4 pills to induce miscarriage along with codeine and paracetamol
    things got started straight away, within 5 mins of taking the pills (probably becuase of completely empty stomach) i got cramps like period pain, and only
    15 mins later i was in agony, i knelt on the floor on a pillow and swayed hips side to side by advice of midwife
    this helped but not for long, i contunued to stay on my knees for the whole time (except bathroom trips)
    i put a pad on as the cramps intensified, i am good with pain however i wont lie the pain for me was
    unbearable, and the midwife decided i could have gas and air. which worked wonders, i seriously didn't feel any pain, and when the pain started to come back, i just took in more G&A and again felt nothing.
    at about 10am i started bleeding heavily, i felt a rush so i got up and sat on the loo(bedpan) and a gush of blood
    left me, i stayed on the toilet for 10 mins with just blood and no clots, i went back on the gas and air and continued to sway my hips from side to side for about 30 mins, i got very dizzy on the gas and air, and had practically no pain whatsoever (baring in mind i was truely sucking on the the ting as hard as i could for as long as i could handle without toppling over)and all of a sudden i got a weird
    senstation to push, like i could feel something there and needed to get it out, i stood up and squatted over the bedpan and i did push, and felt something pass
    it didn't hurt as such but was uncomfortable, i looked down, and i'd passed the sac completely in tact about the size
    of an apple, i called the midwife and she confirmed i'd passed the sac and that it was complete, so as long as the bleeding slowed down i was allowed home.
    after this i went back on the gas and air as the cramps came back with a vengance, i lost track of time but after
    many trips to the bedpans just passing clots that were rather large and scary looking it was 12.30pm.
    i had the gas and air taken from me (i really wanted to take that stuff home!!)
    however the bleeding had slowed down and the cramps dulled enough for me to go home by 1.30.
    the whole time i was there i used 7 sanitary towels and 2 pairs of knickers, i wore an old nighty and it was brill
    cos i could just lift it up really quickly when i needed to use the bedpan, it would have been more awkward had i worn pyjamas.

    i was told as long as i was happy with it, the sac would be taken and buried in the garden of rememberance at the
    hospital maternity gardens.
    i did think about taking it home to bury, but the sac was complete so bean was still inside so i couldn't see him/her
    and at the time i didn't want to take home.

    overall the whole experiance wasn't as bad as i thought, i think that was entirely down to the gas and air.

    it was very upsetting, and i did cry a bit, but the G&A made me feelquite numb. and the midwifes were brilliant,
    they reassured me it wasn;t my fault, and that i'm at no higher risk of miscarriage again and they told me
    i can try again as soon as the bleeding stops (upto 2 weeks of bleeding is normal as long as there is no large clots for more than a few days)
    they gave me a leaflet for support after miscarriage, and adviceline numbers.

    i am happy i chose this route rather than letting it happen natrually at home.
    and it really wasn't as bad as expected.
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    ah hun your so brave. how far along was u ? i was 5 wks and had a natural mc about 6 weeks ago. Hope your ok mate x x
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    glad you can move on now... sorry you had to go through this, but thanks for posting your story.
  4. Drazic<3

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    Thank you for sharing your story sweetheart, you are so brave and now the medical aspects are over - I hope you can begin to heal mentally. Good luck ttc again and fingers crossed for a healthy bean. Huge :hugs:

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